Karapiro Section

Easily accessible from SH1, the Lake Karapiro section of the Waikato River Trails is proving popular with visitors looking for a one day cycling or tramping adventure. The Trail starts 4km from SH1 on Horahora Road.

From the Pokaiwhenua Carpark, the 4km of roadside Trail is a popular warm up for keen cyclists. The Trail then pops into Little Waipa Domain and meanders lakeside through to the Hydro village of Arapuni.

This section of Trail is an intermediate grade with a couple of short, steeper sections. The trail is wide and smooth, and provides a great day of fun for cyclists and walkers.

Please click here to view an interactive map of the Waikato River Trails for more information on where you can access the Karapiro Section.

Karapiro Section

Pokaiwhenua Bridge Carpark to Arapuni Village 
Grade  Intermediate
Length  11.5km - inlcuding a 4km roadside trail from Pokaiwhenua Bridge Carpark to Little Waipa Domain 
Access  - Via Horahora Road - 4.5km off SH 1 to Pokaiwhenua Bridge Carpark or Little Waipa Domain
- Via the Swingbridge Access in Arapuni Village            
Elevation Profile

Please note that the height variance for this section
is between 51m and 127m.

Highlights of the Karapiro Section 

  • Rock formations
  • Fantastic views up and down the lake
  • Bird life
  • A 500m boardwalk through the Huihuitaha Wetland
  • Arapuni swing bridge
  • 1929 Arapuni power station